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American Pioneer® Powder and Jim Shockey’s™ GOLD™ are available in loose granular powder (FFG and FFFG) and pre-measured and compressed charge form – SUPER STICKS™ and STICKS® Compressed Charges.  The American Pioneer® Powder and Jim Shockey’s™ GOLD™ charges are the most advanced black powder replacement propellant to date.  Not only do SUPER STICKS™ and STICKS® Compressed Charges possess the advantages of being composed of a powerful, sulfurless black powder replacement, but their proprietary design was invented to allow for quick and complete ignition as well as fast, easy, and consistent loading of a black powder firearm while maximizing the performance, accuracy, and dependability.  No lubing or swabbing between shots is required or recommended.  Clean up can be accomplished with ordinary tap water.

ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK POWDER is added to our American Pioneer® Powder and Jim Shockey’s™ GOLD™ SUPER STICKS™ and STICKS® Compressed Charges.  The addition of black powder would defeat the purpose of using a sulfurless black powder replacement in a muzzleloader or other black powder firearm to eliminate sulfur corrosion, fouling, and the horrible “rotten egg” smell.

Jim Shockey’s™ Gold™ black powder substitute is so good that not only does Jim use it, but he is proud to put his name on it.  He has enough faith in this product that he trusts his life on its performance.  Jim refuses to use anything else, especially when he hunts dangerous game such as his record book African Cape Buffalo.

American Pioneer® Powder black powder substitute is the preferred powder of many muzzeloading hunters, but may cowboy action and mounted shooting shooters as well. Minimal fouling allows for no binding of cylinders while shooting as well as easy and quick clean up.  Our powder works well in not only percussion type black powder firearms but in black powder cartridge firearms as a black powder replacement as well.

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