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Customer Success

My daughter Sarah shot this buck using 90 grains of SUPER POWDER and a 295 grain Powerbelt at 220 yards with open sights no scope. Dustin Bagett

Gentlemen, I want to thank you for a great product.  I have been shooting a front stuffer for over twenty years now.  I started with black powder not only did is smell bad it was dirty.  I then tried several other substitutes although they were somewhat better they still lacked something.  Two years ago I started using your product and have found what I was looking for, a clean non fouling product that performs well.  I harvested my elk with 100 grain load of FFG with a 295 grain black belt bullet.  Now I take my front stuffer for prairie dogs, coyotes and just for fun.  Dave Sites of Fruita, Colorado

Your powder is the best. I will no longer shoot any other powder. They are just not clean like yours. Joe

Best product available for Muzzleloading and Cowboy Action Shooting. Wendell

I am very impressed with the results from 50's.... Your sticks are great..., I don't think there's a better thing out there than your product.... Sincerely, J. G.

I have shot the American Pioneer Powder since it became available – 4 Shots, 4 Deer.  Easy to clean and I don’t have to worry if I don’t get my gun cleaned as soon as I fire it.   Danny W.

I shot a deer Saturday with your product and a mini-ball. In forty years of deer hunting this is the third time that I have had a deer go down in it's tracks. An awesome performance.   -LOU

As a new muzzleloader hunter, the American Pioneer Powder Premeasured loads are awesome.  My Dad use to carry around 20 pounds of junk to hunt.  Now I carry a few tubes that fit in a shirt pocket.  My sink & tub have no ring around them & the house doesn’t stink, plus I got my first muzzleloader deer with them last fall.  What more could U ask for?

Marie H.

The New American Pioneer Powder Premeasured Loads are my favorite.  No measuring.  No Worries.  Just pop the top and go.

Brian S.

As a retail gunstore owner I sell American Pioneer Powder at a rate of about 4 to 1 over their competition.  I also clear about 10% more on a sale.  We are especially grateful for the new premeasured loads.  My employees can set a customer up with a gun, powder, bullets, and primers in a matter of minutes including instructions on how to use it all saving me labor per sale while still maintaining the same or greater profit margin per customer.  We also trade for used guns.  Anyone who has run a shop knows when a customer brings in a gun to trade that hasn’t been cleaned properly when black powder or Pyrodex is used.  The gun is ruined.  With American Pioneer Powder, the gun may have been left uncleaned but within a couple of minute it looks like new.  The bottom line is dollars & cents, I put my money in AMERICAN PIONEER POWDER.

Keep up the good work guys. 

Much appreciation,

Jeff D.  in Oklahoma

I purchased a can of your powder while on a visit to Michigan. I should have purchased two or three. I have been impressed how much less residue compared to other black powder substitutes such as RS.

Thanks,  Ernest

I’ve hunted for many years with shotguns, this year was my very first year at trying Black Powder [Replacements].  It looks like I started out with the best.  I have to say using your black powder [replacement] was very easy, as it turned out, and very dependable.  Thank you for a good, first experience with your black powder [replacement].

Rickey Baldwin

Evergreen, Virginia

I am very pleased with your powder.  This was the first year that I used your brand, and it really worked well for me.  I truly enjoy the convenience of the pre-measured charges.

Tommy Cook

Promise Land, Virginia

I used your powder last year.  I discovered that the use of that powder resulted in a very “happy ending”

#1  I was very happy with the accuracy

#2  My wife’s happy, because it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs!

#3  Clean up was easy

#4  And the most important thing, I killed my buck! 

Thank you for providing such a magnificent product.

Butch Muchanic in Gladstone, Virginia


I wanted to tell you that your powder is fantastic. In our last Club Black Powder shoot I tied for First Place using your powder.  I had no trouble with fouling and of course no heavy black smoke.  Everyone was amazed at how clean the powder burned. While everyone else was covered in soot I barely had to wash my hands.  Two month later my son took his first deer with my muzzleloader - with is first shot ever using it.  By the away I had not even cleaned it after our Club Shoot. That would have been a disaster for the gun if I had been using anything else.  Although I would not recommend delaying cleaning your gun it is nice to know that an occasional mistake on my part didn't hurt the gun.


Dwight Crevelt in Las Vegas Nevada

When I started in Cowboy Action Shooting in 1999 I wanted to shoot black powder from the start, but people using it discourage me. “You can’t use your progressive powder measure.  You can’t use your regular bullets.  You need special bullets molded out of 80% lead and 20% unobtanium in an out of production mold design only available in a bazaar in Marrakech and lubed with rancid yak fat and beeswax from African Killer Bee hives.  You have to clean with a mixture of virgin’s urine and unicorn fat.  You can’t buy it in your town.  You have to drive 100 miles to get it.”  This seemed excessive, so I sought out a substitute, eventually settling on American Pioneer’s predecessor.  With American Pioneer Powder, I can use my Dillon XL650 and SL900.  I use regular “smokeless” bullets without any special black powder bullet lubricant.  I clean with water and Windex, and cleaning is easy.  Usually one pass with a Bore Snake takes care of the bore.  I don’t clean any of the guns during a match.  I have never encountered any bore fouling while shooting American Pioneer Powder, even in extended practice sessions.   Percussion pistols get powder and bal, no lubricant, no Wonder Wads, and they stay clean, accurate, and reliable.  Cap residue removal is 90% of cleaning on my Ruger Old Armies.  At the end of a match if I’m too tired to clean my guns, I just spray their bores and chambers with Break Free CLP and store them until I can.

American Pioneer Powder’s lower density than black powder which means you get more loads per pound, and the use of cheap smokeless bullets makes it more economical than black powder as well.

Your Humble and Obedient Servant,
Captain George Baylor
SASS #24287

Captain George Baylor gives seminars at the annual SASS Convention entitles “Black Powder for Dummies” and has very popular SASS website ( with two (2) black powder articles: Black Powder Substitutes for Dummies and Frontiersman Category for Dummies.  He has also written several black powder articles for the Cowboy Chronicles and Shoot Magazine.  A couple of the articles were included in their book, Black Powder and the Old West.

I am writing to express my great satisfaction with your fabulous product.  On December 9, 2006, I harvester a beautiful buck: 27 ½ inside spread.  I was using 150 grains, 3 sticks of Jim Shockey’s™ Gold.  I shot the animal at 120 yards.  I am immensely pleased with your product, and will continue to use your products.

Matt Hasheider
Okawville, IL

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