American Pioneer Powder

American Pioneer Powder
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Modern Gun Powder for Black Powder Guns

Clean Burning without the smell - and it cleans with just water!

American Pioneer Powder

FFg and FFFg granulated powder

American Pioneer™ Powder is a loose, granular powder designed and created to be a sulfurless black powder replacement. American Pioneer™ Powder comes in 2 traditional granulations for all manner of cartridge and muzzleloading needs. Whether you are shooting patched round ball, a modern sabot load or a conical projectile, muzzleloading has never been easier! Used on a volume for volume basis for your traditional black powder loads, it will give you the same performance, velocity and accuracy without the messy clean-up and difficult follow-up reloading from black powder fouling. Cartridge loading will also give the same results. Basic loading instructions are to fill the case to the point where the seated bullet will very slightly compress the powder about 1/16" when it is seated and seat the bullet with a good crimp. No matter what type of black powder shooting you do, you will find you won't have the continual build-up of fouling that makes reloading difficult and can cause guns to bind up. And since clean-up can be done with nothing more than tap water, it will leave more time for shooting and fun!

Perfect for Hunting, Cowboy Action Shooting and other Black Powder Shooting Sports

No matter whether you are getting ready to 'make meat' with your muzzleloader, looking to 'clean a stage' with your lever action rifle, single action revolver and shotgun or you are out for some just plain fun with your antique or modern replica firearms, American Pioneer™ Powder has a product that will work for you. It is a perfect choice for all types of muzzleloading and cartridge black powder shooting, including sabots, flintlocks, cap 'n ball revolvers and paper patched bullets.


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